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What If Europe Experiences Population Decline?

Orpheus Before Hades and Persephone, by Francois Perrier - Orpheus attempted to bring the dead back to life

Orpheus Before Hades and Persephone, by Francois Perrier – Orpheus attempted to bring the dead back to life

European Nations Shrinking And Growing

We will show you a forecast of what the population sizes in different European countries will be in 2050. Some nations are growing, some are shrinking. What would be the effects of such shrinking populations? We have seen it before in Japan, but the last time it happened in Europe was when the plague was ravaging the continent. That is, apart from the occasional setback due to war, but on the larger scale those were generally small and short-lived.

What effects should we expect from population decline and how can we cope with these?

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Population Changes in Europe

Prometheus Bound, by Jacob Jordaens

Prometheus Bound, by Jacob Jordaens

Changes In The European Population Size

The fertility rate in Europe being as low as it is, will impact the population size. Yet Europe is doing something to counter this. A few years ago Merkel opened the doors of Europe to immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. Although there certainly are refugees coming from the ravaged warzone that we call Syria – many more are flowing in through Africa. The general premises held by the Europeans are: 1) Europe has a large population, 2) The amount of immigrants will not seriously impact the European overall population.

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War in Europe without the EU?

European Cavalry Battle Scene, by Oetinger

European Cavalry Battle Scene, by Oetinger

Peace In Europe

When we discussed the idea that Europe does not need the EU, we received feedback from people claiming Europe will descent into war without the EU. It is a common idea and actively propagated by the European Union officials themselves. The choice, as they like to phrase it, is between Union and War. In 2012 the EU was even awarded the Nobel peace prize.

Yet, could this be a mere false dilemma?

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Europe’s Lack of Fertility

Birth of Venus, by Botticelli

Birth of Venus, by Botticelli

The Fertility of Europe

It is commonly discussed that Europe has a greying population. The continent experienced a ‘baby boom’ after World War 2. Peace and prosperity triggered many large families in this new blissful era. Only 70 years ago, Europe’s population grew massively.

Now that our populations are not growing so quick anymore, governments are saying migrants are required to fill the gap. Why is it that a population has to continue growing all the time? Would a shrinking population be such a dangerous thing?

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The resistance of Poland to the EU historically explained

Poland resistance battle of kircholm

Battle of Kircholm, by Wojciech Kossak

Beata Szydlo, Prime Minister of Poland since 16th of November 2016, recently lashed out at the EU. Back in March of this year, she accused the EU of blackmail when they threatened to fine Poland if they did not take a certain number of migrants that have been entering Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Only last month, June 2017, the EU announced to start legal proceedings against Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, for not wanting to cooperate with the EU relocation plan for migrants. The Polish Prime Minister responded to these threats by saying they would rather face EU sanctions than to change their migrant policy.

The Polish here leads a minority of countries within the EU, which fearlessly retaliates when the EU threatens them. How come the Poles are so willing to accept the wrath of the EU? To understand this question, one must first understand the history of the country. 

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The Euro Increases Unemployment

Charles Frederick Ulrich, The Glass Blowers

Charles Frederick Ulrich, The Glass Blowers

A Decade Later

A decade since the great crash of 2008, unemployment is still a problem in some areas of Europe. Most notable are Greece, Spain and Italy; Greece of course the most severe with an unemployment rate of over 20%. We discussed in an earlier article that the idea that Europe needs migrants to fill the demand for labour is absurd. Europe is not facing a labour shortage – merely an issue with matching the location of the employer and the worker.

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What British Muslims Think

Richard Lionheart, the Crusader King

Richard Lionheart, the Crusader King

What do British Muslims think?

Trevor Phillips has made a documentary delving into the beliefs of Muslims living in Britain. Politicians speak a lot about how important integration into society is when it comes to immigration.

Certainly, a big part of integrating into a society is taking on the set of beliefs of that society. After all, the beliefs and values form a great part of a country’s culture.

If the British wish to maintain their culture despite immigrants forming a large group of their population, it is critical that these immigrants accept and move towards British beliefs.


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Europe doesn’t need the EU, its power lies in decentralization and competition

Abduction of Europa, by Marie Pierre

The Dogma

Proponents of the European Union repeat the same mantra over and over; Europe requires unity. They claim a united Europe stands stronger against global opponents such as China and the United States, and that unity is now needed more than ever if Europe wants not only to thrive, but to survive.

 The Thriving of Europe

Europe was not a powerful area of the world before the Renaissance. The Ottoman Empire and China were faring much better than the small European nations. Anyone living before the year 1500 would not have dared to predict the future coming to Europe. Many books were written to answer the question: “Why did Europe end up being so influential?” Why wasn’t it China?

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