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The EU Remains Faceless

The Faceless men behind the scenes…

On the 16th of July 2019 the European Union selected its new highest functions. We use the word ‘selected’, as opposed to ‘elected’. There is not much democracy involved when a few influential bureaucrats bicker in backrooms until they can find a person nobody is strongly opposed to. Even the pope has a higher claim to democracy, since the entire college of cardinals is allowed to vote.

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Is the EU a ‘Just King’ or a ‘Tyrant’?

The eternal struggle of Good versus Evil

One of the basic principles of government, is that it is there to protect its citizens. Without that, why does the government even exist? Why would it be allowed to exist and extract resources from the population? Should we not be constantly vigilant to ensure that government serves to benefit the people that it rules over?

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How Good is the EU for Eastern Europe?

Orpheus and Eurydice - Can the EU lead Eastern Europe out of darkness?

Orpheus and Eurydice – Can the EU lead Eastern Europe out of darkness?

The End of Communism – a New Era

Several decades ago, Eastern Europe was covered by communism. Until suddenly, communism ended. Factories, mines and land, formerly owned by the state, were sold to those with the closest ties to power. Of course there was corruption, it was not a smooth transition. It probably never is a smooth transition from communism to a free market.

The point here is that their economies were in shambles. For decades, entrepreneurship did not exist. The institutions supporting a free market did not exist. Nonetheless, in due time the economy will grow and it will change. However…

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The EU treats Greece with Contempt, not with Solidarity

Zeus, the supreme God of the ancient Greeks

Zeus, the supreme God of the ancient Greeks

Greece; Part of an Empire

We discussed in a previous post, how Greece has lost its sovereignty. Whether it succumbs to the rule of the Persian empire, or to the rule of the European Union, does not matter. The fact is, Greece no longer controls its own faith. Now, some of the readers will consider that as far-fetched. After all, the EU is a supposedly democratic organization. The EU, we believe, has the interest of the people in mind.

Yet, actions speak louder than words. From how the EU behaves, can we deduct what values the institution truly holds? How did the EU behave when Greece got into deep troubles after the crash of 2008? Whose interests did they serve? Those of the people of Greece? Or were the people of Greece sacrificed and made to suffer, for a higher purpose? Let’s take a look.

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