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The Future of Sweden

Sweden future immigrantsSweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country with just over ten million inhabitants. Although Sweden is relatively sparsely populated, around 85% of the population lives in the urbanized areas. The majority lives in the coastal areas in the south, where the climate is less harsh.

The descendants of Vikings have left their pagan traditions behind and turned to Christianity. The nation became Christian in the 12th century, and turned to Protestantism around the 16th century. Nowadays around 70% of the population continues to be registered as Christian, despite the fact that the Swedish people are not very religious.

We will have a similar review with regards to Swedish demographics, as we did previously with:

France [France: From Churches to Mosques]

Italy [From Glory to Despair: The State of Italy]

Germany [Germans: A Minority by 2060]

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Population Boom in Africa – The Source of Europe’s Coming Migrants

Painting of elephants running towards the viewer

Painting of elephants running towards the viewer

Population Growth in Africa

We talk about migration issues from Syria and the Middle-East. We talk about the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union, opening the doors of Europe to millions of Turks. Nevertheless, the real migration will originate in Africa. It is the continent that has maintained high birth-rates, despite predictions that they will become lower.

How many people live in Africa today? Not even 1.3 billion. And by 2050? Well, 1.3 billion more. A total of 2.6 billion people would live in Africa. Although population growth in Europe is purely due to immigration, Africa’s population will double thanks to its high fertility rates. What will the consequences be?

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The EU treats Greece with Contempt, not with Solidarity

Zeus, the supreme God of the ancient Greeks

Zeus, the supreme God of the ancient Greeks

Greece; Part of an Empire

We discussed in a previous post, how Greece has lost its sovereignty. Whether it succumbs to the rule of the Persian empire, or to the rule of the European Union, does not matter. The fact is, Greece no longer controls its own faith. Now, some of the readers will consider that as far-fetched. After all, the EU is a supposedly democratic organization. The EU, we believe, has the interest of the people in mind.

Yet, actions speak louder than words. From how the EU behaves, can we deduct what values the institution truly holds? How did the EU behave when Greece got into deep troubles after the crash of 2008? Whose interests did they serve? Those of the people of Greece? Or were the people of Greece sacrificed and made to suffer, for a higher purpose? Let’s take a look.

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1400 Underage Girls Forced into Prostitution every Year in the Netherlands

Underage girls sold in an ISIS sex slave auction

Underage girls sold in an ISIS sex slave auction

The Loverboy

Any child growing up in the Netherlands in the 90’s would learn about loverboys. As early as primary school, girls were warned against the dangers of these so called loverboys. They were, in general, Moroccan and Turkish guys that would charm young girls with all the wrong intentions. After an initial period of showering the girl with gifts, and distancing her from friends and family, the loverboy would start with his requests. The requests, always, were sexual. The girls were made to fall in love with these guys, and were then tricked into working as a prostitute.

Everyone knew it happened, and it was an openly discussed topic. What wasn’t so openly discussed, was who the perpetrators were. They were, and have always been, primarily those with ‘migrant backgrounds’.

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Guest Submission: An Open Letter To Britain And The British People

Hermes, messenger of the Gods

Hermes, messenger of the Gods

Guest Submissions

The Clovis Institute will sometimes share guest submissions. The article below was shared with us by Rob Miller, with the original article posted here.

The Open Letter

I must admit, I write this with mixed feelings. While I have a number of British friends and acquaintances,  I’m afraid I have little respect left as a whole for what Britain has become  today.

Whatever else can be said, Great Britain was once one of the free, civilized nations of the world, a country that exemplified the rule of law and the love of freedom. As many of you may now realize, that isn’t true anymore, and that saddens me. What’s happened recently will pretty much end Britain’s days as a beacon of liberty.

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The Case in Favour of Refugees

From Ruins to RefugeesThe Case In Favour of Refugees

We have written articles on how immigrants are not required to fill European jobs. A recent article discusses how they are a burden on the taxpayer. Multiple articles cover the topic that Europe’s demographics are changing.

All articles that say there really is no economic benefit of pulling immigrants into Europe. The other side of the topic is however that of helping people in need. Yes, these people request asylum. They are fleeing warzones, political prosecution, or other unsafe scenarios. So, it would definitely help these individuals to live their lives in safe, rich Europe instead. It would be very altruistic, to let them in.

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Why Demographics Matter

demographic change in EuropeDemographics are changing, so what?

We can show you that demographics in Europe are changing due to the influx of migrants from Asia and Africa. Possibly, we will even convince you that this is taking place. Some of you will conclude that it is a problem that must be stopped. Others of you will shrug. You will ask yourself, so what? What does it matter that Europe’s demographic make up is changing? Why should you care? After all, you are not a racist and you have no issues with people from other backgrounds. Without racism, what other reasons could you have to want to prevent this demographic change?

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Do Asylum Migrants Find Jobs?

Free money for asylum seekersDo Migrants Find Jobs?

It is often argued that migrants cause economic growth. It is said that they benefit the economy and that overall a nation becomes stronger. A Dutch article published on Elsevier in 2017 shows a different light. Migrants are highly over-represented among the unemployed. At least, when we are talking about asylum seekers, or refugees.

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